Event Calendar

Club Nights (2nd Monday of every month, Bilton Cricket Club)

Date Month Event Organiser
12/2/18 Feb Mark Mullins Bike Safe/Investigator Bob Hill
12/3/18 March AGM Chair
9/4/18 April Possible Solicitor Visit Doug Masterton
14/5/18 May Evening Ride Barry Ring
11/6/18 June Evening Ride Barry Ring
9/7/18 July Evening Ride John Blanchfield
13/8/18 Aug Evening Ride Barry Ring
10/9/18 Sept National Trust Speaker Andrew Pratt
8/10/18 Oct Hadrian Tour Paul Dresser
12/11/18 Nov
10/12/18 Dec Quiz Night Chair


Ride Outs (3rd Sunday of every Month)

Date Month Event Organiser
18/3/18 March Destination TBA Andrew Pratt
15/4/18 April Hartside Café (Penrith) Paul Dresser
20/5/18 May Destination TBA Bob Hill
24/6/18 June Peak District Barry Ring
22/7/18 July Middleton in Teesdale Bob Hill
19/8/18 Aug Scarborough/Dalby Forest John Blanchfield
16/9/18 Sept HMS Trincomalee, Hartlepool Richard Strembrowicz
21/10/18 Oct Destination TBA David Haywood


Winter 2018 Sunday Ride Outs

18/11/18 Nov Dales Run Andrew Pratt
09/12/18 Dec Cheese Busters Run Chris Armstrong

Other Events:

Saturday 3rd March, Observer meeting, Bilton Cricket Club.

Saturday 10th March Theory Session 1 Bilton Cricket Club

Saturday 29th April Slow riding/machine control Tockwith Airfield

Further details to be sent out by Bob Hill.

Wednesday Rides.

The Wednesday monthly rides will change from the 2nd Wednesday to the 1st Wednesday in the month commencing March 2018 to provide better spacing between meetings and ride outs. David Haywood is still happy to lead these ride outs’