Event Calendar

2021 Riding Season

Planned date (subject to adjustment when necessary)LeaderDestination
Sunday 16th January 2021TBATBA
Sunday 21st February 2021TBATBA
Sunday 21st March 2021TBATBA
Sunday 18th April 2021TBATBA
Sunday 16th May 2021TBATBA
Sunday 20th June 2021TBATBA
Sunday 18th July 2021TBATBA
Sunday 15th August 2021TBATBA
Sunday 19th Sept 2021TBATBA
Sunday 17th October 2021TBATBA
Sunday 21st November 2021TBATBA
Sunday 19th Dec 2021TBATBA
Date (subject to adjustment when necessary)Ride LeaderDestination
Wednesday 6th JanuaryTBATBA
Wednesday 3rd FebruaryTBATBA
Wednesday 3rd MarchTBATBA
Wednesday 7th AprilTBATBA
Wednesday 5th MayTBATBA
Wednesday 2nd JuneTBATBA
Wednesday 7th JulyTBATBA
Wednesday 4th AugustTBATBA
Wednesday 1st SeptemberTBATBA
Wednesday 6th OctoberTBATBA
Wednesday 3rd NovemberTBA
Wednesday 1st DecemberTBATBA

2021 Meetings Calendar

Monday 11th January 2021No MeetingTBC
Monday 8th February 2021TBCTBC
Monday 8th March 2021TBCTBC
Monday 12th April 2021TBCTBC
Monday 10th May 2021TBCTBC
Monday 14th June 2021TBCTBC
Monday 12th July 2021TBCTBC
Monday 9th August 2021TBCTBC
Monday 13th Sept 2021Mike Bevington-North Yorkshire Air AmbulanceBilton Cricket Club
Monday 11th October 2021TBCTBC
Monday 8th November 2021TBCTBC
Monday 13th Dec 2021TBCTBC

Training Calendar


Other Proposed Rides:

Multi-day Trip to France or Belgium. (TBA 2021)

IAM Skills Day (Bike) Croft Circuit. (TBA 2021)

Other 2020/21 Events:


Wednesday Rides.

The monthly Wednesday rides take place every 1st Wednesday in the month.  Ride leaders and destinations to be decided nearer each ride and announced on the website.